Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Confessions of a big wussy

I dread - no - FEAR medical treatment. Ironically, I now spend my days reading and writing about medical procedures, from surgeries to invasive procedures, including spinal taps and epidural steroid injections (ESIs). And it didn't bother me much until I got the referral to the orthodoc today. I started researching advanced treatment for piriformis syndrome for folks who won't just rest - and one treatment is ESI. I almost passed out just reading the procedure protocol. X-rays guiding a long, sharp needle into my back? WHAT?????....sorry, almost passed out again.

Seriously, I experience physical symptoms from my fear of medical treatment. I have barfed on optometrists (as an adult), passed out in waiting rooms (before even going in), been asked to leave when trying to donate blood (after fainting for the umpteenth time), passed out after a shot (after I'd left the office - just THINKING about the shot), and on and on. I'm a big, big wussy.

So, I'm postponing calling the orthopedist until the pain overwhelms the fear. I'm pretty sure that will be around mile 15 of Sunday's 18 mile run. Such a wussy.

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