Friday, September 26, 2008

Running into the weekend

Ah, almost the weekend. After work, I'm getting a massage to try to loosen my hip/piriformis area before the weekend. Tomorrow is the NOCC/Pureology Break the Silence on ovarian cancer 5k. Whew, what a name. A group from the Brak Pak is running for one couple's mom/mother-in-law, who is still in the hospital recovering from surgical complications secondary to ovarian cancer. I'll be taking it slow - I really shouldn't be trying any 'speed work' (not too much emphasis on 'speed') with a pissed off piriformis.

Then, I WILL clean the house and mow, because Sunday involves 18 miles of running followed by watching football while prone with a bag o' peas on my bum.

I hope your weekend's a little more exciting than all that!

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