Monday, September 15, 2008

More Meteorologic Mysteries

Brak Pak Chiks ran the 24th "Animal" Zoo Relay on Friday night - no finishing medals or ugly race pics yet, though. This is normally a HUGE race - hundreds of teams x 4 runners; however, it was somewhat smaller this year, most likely due to the ominous hurricane weather predictions - and the 100 degree weather. The kids' zoo race on Saturday (where I volunteer) was even canceled. So, I planned a leisurely Saturday putzing around the house and reading, since I clearly would not be able to mow in hurricane weather. And, on Saturday, I got 10 rain drops. Really. I still used it as an excuse not to mow, though.

Sunday brought another 6-8 rain drops and a step-down 12 mile run. On the last (down)hill, my hip really went haywire, shooting pain down my leg, so there is a trip to the massage therapist and (maybe) doctor in my near future. Dumb hip/sciatic/whatever.

The hurricane did bring in something nice, though: weather in the 80s all week! I don't care if my hip hurts - weather like this is such a nice running break!

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