Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reality bites

Nope, not going to stop training. It's not that kind of pain that means STOP, but now that the shot has worn off (but[t] for the painful butt-shot bruise - that's just not fair), running the 2 mile zoo run tonight was tough. The shooting pain down the leg hasn't returned, but it was "pinging" down my leg for the first 1/2 mile. {I apologize for all these highly technical medical terms - docs just love it when I describe it like that - okay, only docs that run, bike, or swim.}

I tried to sleep for a bit and kept waking up with stabbing hip/buttock pain. Tomorrow, I suck it up and call the orthodoc. And hope, hope that he doesn't want to stick me with sharp needles.

Regardless, up next: 8 miles tomorrow night, 5k Saturday, 18 miles Sunday. I'm going to find me a tube of the cream Teecycle Tim recommended and ice/warm my bum...

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Anonymous said...

I got my tube at a local bike store, but you can buy it online too:

I got orthodics from a pedorthist about a year ago. Not cheap, but very helpful. And they last a super long time. Good luck!