Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's strange. I got a call from the dealership congratulating me on two years of owning the pod (Yaris hatchback). And I started thinking. I seem to make major decisions or have major changes this time of year. Eight years ago, I was redeploying from Sarajevo and starting to leave the Army. Four years ago, I was passing the bar exam. Two years ago, I was buying the pod (big deal when I hadn't bought a car in 10 years). One year ago, I bought my first house and changed jobs - likely forever.

Maybe it's a bit of the military tarnish on me - you get used to PCSing (moving) and changing jobs at a certain time at a certain interval. I don't know. My other "big change" period is in Spring (March-May), when I've married, moved, divorced, changed jobs, separated from the military, deployed, and many other crazy things.

Or maybe it's just that those are the marathon seasons - Spring and Fall - and I didn't know that these crazy 26.2 mile runs were eventually going to control my path. At least marathons are, in many ways, easier events than some of those!

- Even though tonight's 4 miles hurt (HURT!), and Rock N Roll San Antonio's still months away, I'm thinking about running the Marine Corps Marathon next October - if I can get in. I remembered how much I like DC in June and my buddies Candide & Jeff (below) are moving there soon - so if we could control the wine consumption the night before the run and my hip heals, I could do it...

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