Friday, August 22, 2008

The trick is to scare the pain away

Well, my left hip pain was debilitating and enervating by the time I left work yesterday - I couldn't even run down the block. I actually hopped/limped back up the block to the house. After some "hip opening" poses and a nap, the pain exploded then suddenly went away. With my vast medical knowledge (from WebMD), I'm going to chalk it up as some sort of weirdo nerve impingement.
Or, maybe the pain got scared when it saw the email confirmation I received from this:
Eek. 88 days away - I think, but I'm not very good at math. At least it looks like I'll be hip-pain-free for tomorrow's hilly race. I can't make any guarantees for runs 88 days and 100s of miles from now, though.

Hi to Crissy and Scott - and whatever hockey players they may be housing in Indy!

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