Friday, August 15, 2008

Seeester Nemesis

She doesn't exactly qualify as nemesis material anymore, since I aged out of our age group [got old], but I'm still going to call her out as a nemesis.

**don't worry my pretty, I'm biding my time and you, too, will be here in this age group soon, soon**

So, the next posted nemesis is my sister, Gretchen. She pretty much kicks my butt in every race we're in (and we live over 1,000 miles apart, but we've raced several times in the past couple of years) - all while having children (4) in between. HER - NOT me. No complaints here on the kiddos - she's provided me with 2/3 of my 2025 Packers offensive starting line and fun, crazy boys to play with.

Here she is in action lately in Green Bay - note: not her best time for a HM, but better than any of mine. AND a bad attempt on her part at an ugly race pic. No tongue hanging out, no body parts in places they don't belong - she just can't get the hang of this ugly race pic thing (I'm just sayin').

Anyway, she even tricked me into my first marathon by telling me that, if she wasn't pregnant, she'd run the 2007 San Antonio Marathon with me. I foolishly agreed, she was actually pregnant at/about that time, and I should have been off the hook. But, being the good sister, I agreed, when her due date for baby #4 was determined to be July, to allow her to train a little longer for the December Dallas Whiterock Marathon instead (that's just how nice I am). **slight story enhancement there in that last part**

We actually finished the marthon together (though she was well in the lead for the most part):

So, since I don't seem to have a chance of beating her (hence her nemesis status), I have no choice but to retaliate in a nasty way - by posting a picture of me beating her when she was HUGE - AND I beat her. That's right. That's really how I am. And here it is:

As you can clearly see, ipso facto evidence that 1) my lean (on the left) caused me to win and 2) she was (on the right) HUGE. Sadly, I think this may have been the last time I beat her.

*Thanks (even though they don't know it) for the last pic to Mom and Dad