Friday, August 8, 2008

Home at last

This was going to be a long, fierce rant about the evils of air travel. I started composing it when my flight was cancelled on the way out, edited it when my luggage was subsequently lost, and refined it (x3) when my flights were late and missed on the return trip. Then, I highly seasoned it with foul language as I waited in a plane on the runway for over 2 hours and again had my luggage lost.

However, after a good night's sleep, I shook it off. Mostly because, when I called the airline (rhymes with conterican) to inquire as to the status of my travelling luggage, the exchange went something like this:

"Ma'am, what brand is your luggage?"
"I don't know - cheap, black, lightweight."
"Well, can you describe the contents?"
"Dirty clothing, souvenirs, sand, I guess"
"Ma'am, would you have sneakers in the suitcase?"
"Yes, probably 3 pairs"
"And what brand would they be?"
"New Balance"
"Okay, ma'am, we do have your bag. Why, though, do you need 3 pairs of the same shoes?"

Mostly because I left the other 8 or so accumulated/used pairs at home, I guess.
Well, I now have my bag, and 3 pairs of sneakers - including the current pair I run in - back safely at home. It was a good trip, but quite the hassle. I got in some maintenance miles, but no good long runs, since I needed to save myself for 'cross training' with nephews - including walking, biking, and kayaking. Now it's back to the training schedule, long runs, and some more ugly race pics.


Anonymous said...

I think you also left one sandy pair at Dovekie House.

Glad you made it back...our flight was delayed more that 2 hours at ACK, but the good news was that Midwest was also held up at BOS..

PS I predict Favre will not play a regular season game.

Modern Mama said...

Sounds like they were suspicious of you.
Remember the shoe bomber??

Sally said...

MM- that would be a truly devious terrorist plot. Trust in the fact that my sneakers will be part of lost luggage NOT on my plane! I'm only kidding - Please don't put me on the list, Big Brother.