Friday, August 15, 2008

Biking to work

Well, today I rode this tank of a bike to work and back. I managed not to get hit by the crazy San Antonio drivers (did you miss all the blinky and solid lights I had on - I looked like a construction zone?), but I did learn a couple of things.
1) Don't forget to wear or at least pack bike shorts. Nothing like that feeling of a jeans seam meeting my fourth point of contact for "only" 5+ miles each way.
2) It is Summer and I will sweat - more towels are needed.
3) Even though I was swearing not to do this again on the way there, I mapped the route and it's uphill there and downhill home - whee.
4) That bike is HEAVY. But it was free ('99? Diamondback Sorrento mountain bike) and I figure if someone hits me with their Tundra, I'll dent them pretty bad.
But, it was a better idea than my previous "run to work" idea, and I saved 1/4 gallon of gas. So, I'm probably going to try to bike to work once a week during marathon training - call it cross training - especially when it cools off a little more (heat index 100+ this afternoon).
No races this weekend - 12-13 mile training run in the morning then off to get rained on at the lake.

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