Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Historic post - Ode to the Olympics

So, this is so what I would look like in Beijing, accepting the gold. Not quite as compelling as señor Phelps, I guess. My only gripe with that super-freak-athlete is that they keep airing his amazing performances when I should be trying to get to bed. Ah well, another week and a half or so and I'll get some sleep instead of crazily trying to watch EVERY event televised. Gotta love the Olympics.

This was actually me accepting an age group award at the Incarnate Word Run for Brainpower (ahem, no comments, please) in 2007. Obviously, the race wasn't very big, if I was winning. Actually, here's the ugly race pic:

Check out that awful time - eek! In my defense, the night before went a little long. And it poured all Summer, so I finished with pounds of mud on my shoes.

Side note: Way to go to Tim, the crazy guy who biked from Denver to Milwaukee. Check out his great road stories here - including losing an important bag (who needs GPS and cash anyway) and the crazy and awesome folks he met along the way. Welcome home, Tim. He didn't even get a cheesy medal for that!

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