Saturday, August 23, 2008

Preliminary Sunrise 10K ugly race pics

Here are the early start and finish pics. Not so bad (but I was soaking wet at the finish), and midrace/mid-hill really ugly pics will follow. My time stunk - a clear 5 minutes off normal. I've always got an excuse and this time the excuses are pretty good: tough (hilly) course, wet surfaces, many turns, and that pain in my butt.

So here's the start - I'm #283 in the aqua skirt (Brak Pak is the running cult to which I belong). Note to self: cut the shirt off - way too long.

And the finish - gotta make sure I don't let one more second elapse on my watch with that cruddy time!

Now, pouring Motrin down my throat, rubbing my bum, preparing to run 9 miles tomorrow at 6 a.m. Then mow the grass if it doesn't rain.

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