Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to Back races part II - the one in which I did NOT fall down

Reasons I am not a regular trail runner: 1) I drag my feet, especially when I get tired and 2) I cannot sustain concentration while running - I like to zone out. The past trail races have netted me turf toe (kicked the heck out a big rock), a separated shoulder (fell), and piriformis syndrome (fell on my hip on a rock). In my defense, some of those trail runs were in the dark.

Sunday was the Paesano's 8 mile trail challenge.  And this was a TECHNICAL "8" mile (more like 9) trail run. Wow, hard. What I saw with my eyes glued to the ground: the ground 3 feet in front of me, rocks, rocks, rocks, stumps, roots, and low hanging branches. What I heard: "nice save" (repeatedly when I barely avoided falling) and "duck" (low hanging branch). Yep, it was rough.  And, today, I am very sore.

Here are the pics of me trying to remain upright:

Thanks to Kevin G. Saunders and Adrian G for the pics!

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