Saturday, March 6, 2010

American Sunrise 5k

I don't recommend my race preparation plan that I used for this race.  Last night, I biked the 5-hour First Friday Cruiser ride.  Lest you think I am hard core, the ride starts with lasgana and awesome salad at Guillermo's, then we leisurely cycle to the VFW for a beer on the river (didn't hit the VFW last night though), then cycle to the Alcapulco Drive In for another beer, then cycle to Southtown and enjoy beer and music at the German beer garden for the First Friday celebration.  Like I said, not the best race prep.

So, I was tired when I started this race at Our Lady of the Lake University on the West side.  Incidentally, the finish at the university is still the site of my 5k PR - 2:00 faster than today.  But, I ran a nice, steady, flat race.  In some of the neighborhoods, there were a LOT of wandering dogs, so I tried to keep up with the (human runner) pack to be on the safe side.  And, in the end, I got 2nd place in the age group.  I love small races with no pros!

Here are the frame by frame pics - should be just like you were there with me! 
The race benefitted American Sunrise, which aids development in the square mile where we ran. 
That's Henry Cisneros presenting and City Councilwoman Mary Alice Cisneros giving the medals.
Thanks to for the pics
Next up: 10 mile run in the morning

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