Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Next up

Prickly Pear 10 mile/50k trail run

Um, no, I am NOT running it.  Remember, I'm not a very talented trail runner?  So, for this run, I volunteer at the #1 aid station (and I mean #1 - we have decorations, snacks, mascots - yeah, my dogs - and happy folks giving out beverages and snacks ALL DAY LONG).  This always exhausts the dogs, which is a good thing, and me, too, but that's not really a change.  The 10 mile folks see us once on the trail - the 50k folks get to see us 3 times during that endurance run.  (yep, you guys rock).

It looks like the forecast will be clear for a nice race.  Before then, I need to clean out the Yaris hatchback, which is currently hauling big bags of donated dog food, my bike, and assorted boxes of stuff that need to hit donation stations.  You wouldn't think the pod could haul so much - and it's probably affecting my 35+ mpg gas mileage.  But, if I'm going to cram 2 baddogs, their stuff, a table, more snacks, and beer in there for the race on Saturday, I need to start cleaning.

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