Thursday, March 25, 2010

Next ups - drag queens, beasts, community service, and the butt race

I'm posting this on Thursday because my weekend begins tomorrow with a day off.  Of course, that means that I am trying to catch back up with the rest of my life tomorrow, and it will be crazy.  So, first on the list is getting tickets to Cornyation - a lovely, raunchy Fiesta show involving skits starring mostly folks in drag.  It's AWESOME.

People have been in line for tickets to Fiesta events since Thursday night, so we'll see how I do tomorrow. I foresee standing in lines - tickets go on sale at 10:00 a.m.  Then, I need to grab tickets for us for the Feast with the Beasts at the zoo (April is a very busy month 'round here).
No lines for that one - thank goodness for the internet - but I may go down to the zoo to get them, check out the black leopards, and go for a run.  Saturday is Basura Bash, where I perform community service and pick up trash along San Antonio's waterways.  Nope, I didn't plead out or do anything wrong, and you couldn't prove it anyway - I'm just helping to keep the places I run basura (trash)-free!

That's Basura Bob, the basura bashing fish, in the pic.

Then, I try to mop up muddy dog prints, slay dandelions, and perform other menial tasks.   And Sunday brings the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k for the Colon Cancer Coalition. 

I'm calling it the Butt Run.  I think they should too - I would make sure to run it just for a t-shirt that said "the Butt Run," but maybe that is why I am not in charge. 

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