Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to Back races part I - the one in which I was beaten by the crazy running chicken

My running form often resembles that of a crazy running chicken.  Well, at today's Diploma Dash 5k, my universe folded back on itself, and I WAS BEATEN BY A CRAZY RUNNING CHICKEN!  Really.  Here he is:

  Sigh.  Since he already stole my look, I settled for just looking slow and tired.
My time wasn't actually quite THAT bad (chip timed), but it wasn't great.  As I walked from the finish chute, I was thinking "damn chicken stole my vibe."  [In my defense - Alfred was the runner under the costume and he's FAST without it on.]

Next up - Paesano's 8 mile trail run tomorrow morning.  I hope not to fall down, and I hope to eat plenty of pasta afterward.

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