Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fighting the Crazy Chicken

The Flag Day 10k was a hot one last Saturday. Even taking it easy, by the end of 6.2 miles, I was soaked with sweat. But I fought off the crazy chicken. Here was the crazy chicken pose on the far left (in red, chicken wings sticking out). [chick in the pink shorts to buddy behind her: "OMG. Did you see that crazy chicken scutter by? WHAT WAS THAT?"] [Guy in the green: "Peace out, I'm past that crazy chicken, thank goodness."]
Then, I began to fight off the crazy chicken pose and went for straight out crazy legs:

Coming into the finish, I tucked the crazy chicken wings in -

Then I laughed at my victory over the crazy chicken pose (and my sorry finish time)!

Thanks to Hill Country Rambling for the crazy chicken pics

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