Thursday, May 21, 2009

Return of the Crazy Chicken - Beach to Bay Edition

Yes, I actually managed a crazy chicken ugly race pic just prior to the handoff at Beach to Bay - it is HERE. Okay, that's just if you want to pay $50 or so for an 8x10 of the crazy chicken pic. Instead, I will just do a little magic and put it HERE:
Pure crazy beach chicken. Is that an extra finger on my left hand, too? That is not film cut off at the top, either - I was running under the bridge, handing off to Carol, and then she got to run that beast. Here is a shot that is a little less chicken-like. Still ugly, but not avian:
All of our team's pictures are HERE. Carolyn will notice that there is no baton in any of them (she dropped it on the beach) and that she appears to be, in fact, goose stepping. Welcome to my world of ugly race pics.

Thanks (kind of) to (you guessed it) for 'allowing' me screencap their pictures.

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