Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I know who tried to kill me

Well, I am not running any races this weekend, so this is tangentially running-related. It happened when I was on my way to run with some Brak Pak folks last Saturday morning. We were due to take off at 7 a.m., so I stayed in bed until the very last minute, rushed through my open-type house, in the dark, to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, rinsed off in the shower, put my hair up, and headed back to the bedroom, thinking "get dressed, shove down a banana, let the dogs out....." Then I stepped down the step between my kitchen and back room - into a PUDDLE of cat pee. Yep, big ol' prat fall on the floor - into the pee and onto the ugly-vinyl covered concrete floor. As I assessed the damage (nothing broken, no head injury, foot cut from sliding into the table, covered in yuck, wanting to KILL), I was okay. Just stinky.

So, I ran back into the shower, scrubbed down, again passed the culprit (on the right - located pretty much where he is in this file picture), and rushed to get out the door - sans banana. Yes, it was Driver the military foster cat. I am not sure why he tried to kill me, since without me, he has no feeder. Lucky for him, I ran off my anger, but then had the joy of sweeping and mopping after the run. To his credit, the inappropriate urination was next to his litterbox. I guess there was one turd too many in there. Silly me.

I am simply posting this in case you see a headline that says "Crazy critter lady clad in running gear found dead in a pool of cat pee." Yeah, that would probably be me. And if the story is accompanied by a pic, I'm sure it will be the ugliest yet.

Note: no cats, foster or otherwise, were harmed before, during, or after the events depicted above. A certain cat was just the recipient of really nasty looks when I was mopping up peepee.

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