Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend is over

Wow, for the last several hours, I have been making a list of tasks that I will accomplish tomorrow - on Sunday. Sadly, I came to the realization that it is, indeed, already Sunday. *sigh*

This weekend was busy and pictures are forthcoming. I watched Jason's great performance of Puppet, signed up for the tissue (marrow) donor list, ran a VERY hot and sweaty 10k, walked a nice 2 mile benefit walk with a 5 year-old who has survived inoperable brain cancer for 2 years, cleaned the house, worked in the yard, and tried to catch up on sleep (that last one did not really work). And it was fun. After all that, I grilled some soup bones for the doggies and some salmon for myself (I could not hit the farmer's market for fresh tilapia this week, due to the race). So, after realizing the weekend was, in fact, over, I enjoyed a (my-style) salmon nicoise salad for dinner - but I think I was being watched.

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