Sunday, June 28, 2009

Must stop falling down

I have had many friends and relatives who have fallen in the past year and sustained major injuries. Thankfully, I am the idiot that gets to fall without serious injury. Like tonight. I bought the dogs (I did accidentally type that as "gods" first) those evil-looking prongy dog training collars. And they have been great - walking each dog by herself. Since they had been doing so well, I took them out tonight together and it was great - two dogs, walking aside me, not pulling, just trotting along UNTIL Dingo ran behind, then in front, of me, cutting my feet out from under me and sending me flying.

Nice. I managed to hold the leashes while I fell to the ground, but I got major roadrash, contusions, and just realized that my hand is bleeding on the keyboard. dumb dogs. I was going to post pics, but I'm just going to clean up the cuts and ice my arm, instead.

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