Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ugly race pic reenactment

I know. Not even a week, and I'm already reenacting an ugly race pic. Well, this one is of my sometimes running partner, who I am unable to get an ugly race pic of as I am dragged/dragging her along the zoo run route when it's about 100 degrees (you try that with 52 pounds of sheer muscle on a leash). Anyway, this is pretty much what the race pic would look like at 1.5 miles:

Gwen the Pitoodle: "SRSLY Y R WE RUNNIN WHEN THAR R NO KITTEHS 2 CHASE?" Translation:

Okay, she's not so ugly. But she has gotten into a bad habit of licking frogs in the yard at night. If that makes her run faster, I may try it, too, but I'm pretty sure it won't work.

So far, it just makes her wipe her tongue with muddy paws and bury her head in the (kiddie) pool and blow bubbles - but then, I've been like that after many races (and some weekends).


Stephanie Keeney said...

Hey Sally - this is so neat that you are keeping up with your running via a "blog"....I too am new to this technical thing. I just started training this week for a 1/2 marathon in Dallas in December....I may quit in a few weeks but am pumped up right now. My friend is helping me along with training and all. I have my first long run on Saturday and I am supposed to run 4 miles....yeah friggin' right. I'll walk/run it. Still have baby fat from 17 month old Pierce. Piper is 3 and they keep me busy. I'll keep you updated on my training.

Sally said...

Way to go Steph! You can totally do it - it's just a little further every week!