Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Abort operation wine, I mean whine

So, I was all prepared to post tonight, complaining about running 5.5 miles (I'll call it 6) in 101+ degree weather. But my efforts were thwarted. First, I could not get online. I checked the plug. I checked the settings. I dug out the router information and rechecked the settings. Then, I restarted about 10 times and installed all those updates that I always put off installing who constantly remind me of my slacking from their pesky little icons in the lower righthand corner of the screen. Then, I had a glass of wine (in vino veritas?) and decided to check the LAN connections. Darn housecat saboteurs.

So, a couple of hours later and I am prepared to whine (and wine). Then I read this guy's blog. He's biking from Denver to Milwaukee. And he's raising money for the local Humane Society. And he's on day two. And I'm a wuss if I whine about almost6 miles in the heat after reading that.

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