Monday, July 14, 2008

My bodyguard and future linebacker

I got home today and watched this on the news:

I'm not sure where exactly on Babcock the man attempted to kidnap the two women, but I do know that I ran up Babcock, past the Shell station, and back on Saturday for my ill-advised run to work. One of the women outran the man, which I hope that I too would be able to do.

So, today I wasn't taking any chances and ran with my bodyguard, Gwen the pitoodle. We set out for 3 miles but it was hot and, apparently, it's even hotter when you are dark grey and furry. I got the look which was previously posted below in the reenactment. So, we trotted about 2 miles and returned to the yard, where Gwen got her new toy - a football.

She really tore into it. Literally - it's pretty flat right now. I'm not sure whether it was her reaction to Brett Favre asking to be released by the Packers or whether she was practicing so that she could join her "cousins" in the 2025 Packers starting offensive line. Here are her future teammates.

Just don't discriminate against her 'cause she's a girl. She can really tuck the ball and run.

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gretchen said...

now those are some damn good looking boys!! (especially the blonds heh, heh)
Yeah, I need to get the dog shaved...too hot for her too. I don't carry water for myself, so I don't carry it for the dog, but I can't take her more than 3. Even on three lately she just about dies before we make it back to the pond for her swim. MMMM pond scum