Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mas mal de ojo

So, next up - no races (this weekend).  Really, it's true.  I am not running any races this weekend.  Really.

Tomorrow, I go in for a knee MRI, which I am not happy about. So, instead of running, let's talk about my poor podcar.

Awhile back, the podcar was cursed with the mal de ojo on the driver's side.  So, I rubbed an egg on it, which seemed to do the trick (along with Cavender Toyota and Caliber body shop).

Now, it seems, the Ojo is back - but it's afflicting my tires.  Late last year, I had a flat and had to replace the tire.  After driving to Big Bend solo, I found this in my driveway.
So, I broke down and replaced the rest of the (5.3 y/o) tires, and my podcar was STYLING (well, kind of).

Then, today, on the highway on the way home from work,I felt that terrible 'sway.'  I made it off the highway, but this is what I had:

(yep, the pretty new tire/wheel - flat.)  REALLY?  These tires are so new, they still have that "fur" (nubs/nibs/whatever those things are?).  So, I guess I take time out tomorrow and MRI the knee, fix the tire, and then rub an egg on each of them?

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