Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My poor podcar's mal de ojo

The driver's side of my podcar is cursed.  Cursed, I tell ya.  The whole rest of the car is not - some dog scratches and minor dings, but no damages.  But, back to the driver's side, the cursed side.  A couple of years after I bought the car, an uninsured lady backed into that cursed side at the free spay-neuter clinic, where I was volunteering.  It just caused some dents, but no functional problems, so I didn't file against my coverage.  Then, I was in my first accident in over 15 years and sideswiped an SUV (barely) last Fall.  Driver's side.  Cursed side.  This time, since I was paying for his damages (taillight), I paid the deductible and fixed my driver's side.  Cursed side.  And I believed that, perhaps, it had become uncursed.

Until today.  I routinely took my car to the dealership for 40,000 miles service (basically oil change/tire rotation).  And when I came out, the driver's side, cursed side looked like this -

Yeah, I kind of noticed that big ol' dent when I couldn't fully open the driver's side door.  (And, because my car is very, very dirty - that one clean, dented spot kind of stood out.)  CURSED, I tell you.

So, I don't know who put the mal de ojo on my podcar's driver's side, but I'm not taking chances.  Tomorrow, I roll an (organic, cage free) egg over the driver's side, CURSED side, crack it, place it in a glass of water, and set it under the podcar.  (I'm sure the stray cats will LOVE this.)  And I hope that this will remove the mal de ojo.

And then I head to the bodyshop to have the dealership repair the damage. 


Anonymous said...

Crap! Thank god it was on the driver's side. If it was on the other, I would've hopped in and not noticed. Really, did they think you wouldn't notice that? Or be too shy to say something. What a load! Glad you saw it, but sucks that you go in for a tuneup and come out worse for the wear!

Sally said...

yeah, before/after tonight's run, we were looking at it and agreed that it looks like (most likely) something heavy fell on it in the shop (no scrapes - focal dent) OR a tech had the door open and drove into something (less likely, since it looks like side impact). But the service guy's thought was that some sort of little person of immense weight must have 'bumped' the car - um, that's a heckofa dent - that hypothetical person could have kicked the car HARD and I wouldn't expect that sort of dent (and no footprints on my dusty, dusty car). *sigh*

Maria said...

OMG! This just had to happen to a lawyer. I am sure that they will cringe next time YOU drive in for a tuneup.