Sunday, April 22, 2012

"not running"

Doctor to Sally translation - "not running" = "not so much running"

So, I've been keeping it under 20 miles per week and flat.  I'm pretty sure that's close to not running.  This weekend's "not running" race was the Providence 5k.  I ran slowly, so I'm pretty sure that's close to not running.

We started off with a prayer (please don't let my knee bust loose)
And then a little stretch
And then we were off - I did not run a hillier race that morning, opting for this flat race, but concrete can hurt

and here's the frame by frame finish shots of the crazy, hurt-knee, running chicken

yep, it hurt.  So, I continue to try to eat anti-inflammatory foods, run less, and wait for the orthobutcher referral (I am so changing insurance provider next year).  In the meantime, I get reminded of what I used to look like.  I knew I was heavier - but wow. 

I need to rehab this knee and get back on the road.

Thanks to Ceci, IAAP, and Tim for the pics

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