Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Warding off the mal de ojo

So, after a day of squeezing into the 4" opening of the driver's side door of my podcar (while the door was scraping and the car was hurting), trying to climb in through the hatchback, and trying to climb in the passenger door (and over the center shift console), I'm starting to get mad about my smushed podcar.  Especially since I didn't hear anything from the dealership or their insurance company today.

But then I went to yoga and then rolled the egg on the podcar to free her from the mal de ojo (evil eye).

Afterward, you put the egg in the glass, under her 'bed' (my driveway). But nobody told me what happens if a stray cat scarfs it up --- like that orange guy there. I'm guessing I may have a Pet Sematary/Steven King situation on my hands tomorrow.

But, to welcome myself back to reality tomorrow, maybe I won't dread crazy possessed cats and, instead, call a great contact a friend sent me who could actually get things rolling in regard to fixing my car.

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