Monday, April 2, 2012

More back to back and more owww

So, what's a girl with a bum knee to do?  Well, if you are Sally, you remain in denial and run back-to-back races for another weekend.  First up was the Scallywompus Tapatio Springs 5k.  I was registered for the 10k, but let my denial slip a bit, and I dropped down to the 5k.  OH THANK GOODNESS I DID.  Man, this was a challenging course - especially when my knee throbbed uphill and just stabbed with pain downhill.  Don't believe me?  Check it out here (elevation profile is below the map - but looks like this:)

Which made me look like this:
Yep, owwww.  But, I remained in denial, and the next morning, I ran the April Fools 5k.  Fortunately, it was relatively flat.  Unfortunately, it was about .3 miles long (April Fool on me, I guess).  But I laugh at the pain - here's me laughing:

and not laughing so much after the run:
And I definitely was not laughing by the time I got home and found my icepacks.  So, I temporarily set my denial (and fear of doctors aside) - and x-rays showed displaced patella (realigned, but riding high).  MRI is set for Friday.  At least the doc knows me well enough not to say "don't run," instead telling me "I don't advise you do anything that causes pain."  Considering that 'anything' currently includes sleeping, it seems that I am limited to drinking a cold beer.

Thanks to Scottydog and DL Morrison for the pics

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