Friday, January 22, 2010

Since I have no races, I bring you minutiae

So, I went for a brief, easy run this evening - crossing the railroad tracks to the good side and running through the mansions.  I found a road I didn't know existed (it doesn't cross the tracks into mi barrio) and a neighborhood library that I didn't know existed (I usually head to the downtown branch 2 miles away - and WOW, I have 3 libraries within 2 miles of my shack). 

When I got home, I made some caldo de pesco from the odds and ends of vegetables I had and my last tilapia fillet from my local tilapia farmer.  I am a lover of caldo de pesco and have tried to make it in the past - from recipes and from guessing - and it was always too strong.  I realized, after my umpteenth bowl the other day at Sea Island Shrimp House that I need to use water instead of vegetable or seafood stock as the base.  I guessed at it again tonight and it was good - except that two large serrano peppers in two bowls of soup made it pretty picante - I may need to scale the heat back.  I was a little teary-eyed at the Bono-Jay Z-Rihanna performance on the Haiti benefit thing.  But I'm pretty sure it was the SPICY soup.  Then, I thought they should have had a Kayne-Taylor Swift duet, and Kayne could end with "Obama loves black people," and it would have been GREAT.  But that thought may have been because of the SPICY soup (seriously, it would work if you took his liquor away a couple of hours ahead of time).

So, really, this post is just an excuse to test my new laptop with my camera.  Seems to be a success.

In fact, I'm a little in love with this new laptop and secretly glad the old one committed suicide (except that it still has all my data on it, awaiting blind transfer).  When I type, it actually shows the letters at the same time.  Don't laugh - my old one was always words behind.  And things that didn't work before (like the scanner feature of my printer) are miraculously working again!  And it doesn't take 5 minutes to flip between webpages - SHOCKING.  Sometimes I just put off new purchases that would make life much easier.  Like when I kept a vehicle that required a full container of coolant/antifreeze per day, because I loved it and didn't want a new car payment.  But that's normal, right?

So, thanks for undergoing this test with me.  Races resume next weekend.

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