Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dog walk crosstraining

After my ill-advised impromptu 15.5 miler on hills and hills and hills yesterday, I rested and watched Favre's 40-year old butt school the Cowboys.  Man, I still love him.  I can't help it - you have to love his play, even if he's wearing ridiculous Vikings's purple.  So, after trying to keep my salt-crusted eyes open for the entire game before I stumbled in the shower and crashed, yesterday was a wash.

And, today, I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would.  My hips and feet were screaming, but no part was severely damaged - thank goodness.  So, I took down the christmas lights (yep, procrastinating), mopped up muddy dogprints, remopped up muddy dogprints, remopped up muddy dogprints, remopped up muddy dogprints, remopped up muddy dogprints, ad nauseum.  Yep, dang mud dogs, and I couldn't wait until the ground outside dried.  I'm just leaving the mop in the bucket next to the back door.

So, speaking of dogs - back to my resolution/plan this year to walk the dogs more -I took my sore hips and feet out with those baddogs for a walk today.  This time, I was playing it safe - I predosed myself with ibuprofen and limited them to up and down my 1/8 mile street.  We walked up and down that street 20 times. Dingo may be a decent running doggie (minus the distractions of squirrels and cats and dogs), and I think Gwen may have broken my hand with her leash-pulling, but she'll be great leading my Iditarod team

 In the meantime, I got tips from my neighbor who grew corn in the frontyard last year - he was appreciating my front-yard garden of tomatoes, peppers, limes, lemons, strawberries, and peas.  I may just join him next year in the corn crop.  I'm sooooo planting the whole front yard with corn this spring in solidarity with mi vecino.  I've gotten to the point where I loathe grass and welcome more fun plants which don't require mowing. And don't also don't care what the rest of the neighbors think - his corn looked cool.

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