Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Plans

So, I started off my new year with new plans (plans, not resolutions, because I totally ripped that off from Krista).  And I went to the farmer's market this morning and bought some nice organic fare (yay - tilapia farmer was back!).  Then, I went to the grocery store and bought only organic vegetables (to "vote by dollar, via UPC data"), gritting my teeth at the register.

Then, I decided to forgo a run, since I'm planning on running 7 or 8ish miles tomorrow morning, and take the dogs to the park for a nice, long walk.  So, I loaded up Dingo in the back of the Yaris hatchback, then Gwen the pitbull in the passenger seat.  They were both sporting their nice pokey-mean-looking metal collars, which are great for walking, since they make the dogs stay together and do not pull (so much). 

Unfortunately, the design of the collars is such that it discourages the dog from pulling when walking forward; yet, when exiting a car, it does nothing to actually STAY AROUND THE DOG'S NECK.  So, I parked the car, set the Garmin (locating satellites), got Dingo out of the back, she briefly escaped her collar, but is a sucker and I releashed her when I met her on the other side of the car with a treat.  Then, I opened the passenger door to let Gwen out.  And I grabbed her leash, and she backed up, and the collar fell, and she was OFF TO THE RACES!

Yes, loose pitbull running free at last, free at last.  So, I (improperly) panicked and started chasing her, with Dingo in tow.  Luckily, Dingo likes to run, but trips me, so after the first flip I took over Dingo, I sprinted her back to the car and threw her back inside.  Then I headed out for Gwen the baddog again.  Unfortunately, the one command Gwen completely disregards is "Come," and she is not fooled by treats. 

So, I spent the next 20 minutes running tackle drills, trying to cut the angle on Gwen, to keep her away from traffic, to not scare people (they were scared of that fooldog), and to at least get an ankle tackle.  After four failed tackles (mercifully, on grass), I tried the only thing that usually works.  I lied down and kept still.  It's very tough to lie there and not look up to locate your baddog.  It didn't take long, though, and Gwen came over to slobber on me and possibly eat my corpse  come to my aid.  And I pinned her.  Then, I dragged her unwilling 65 pounds of muscle and bone back to the car.

And I was exhausted.  Garmin said .78 miles of dog chasing.  Lovely.  So much for my plan to walk the dogs more.

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