Sunday, January 10, 2010


One biproduct of my running is that I acquire critters.  If I see a loose dog while I'm running, I usually take him/her home.  I did not see any loose dogs on this morning's run (my Mom will be happy to hear that).  But, I did get an update on a dog that I found in Brackenridge Park and found a home. 

"Sadie" was running alongside us during zoo run one Wednesday night, then kept running circles around us when we were enjoying frosty beverages after the run.  Eventually, the park police started chasing her, so I opened the door to my (brand new, unfurred car) and she jumped in - and I left.  She was fixed, but did not have a microchip, and nobody responded to my flyers and posts on lost dog sites.  So, a friend of a friend adopted her - then moved to Illinois.

So, this morning, I got a message that Sadie is loving life in the north:

Unfortunately, Sadie was the last dog I took in that weighed under 65 pounds.  Since then there have been Cujette (a BIG pit bull that ran with me for 3 miles in circles in the park, then followed me back to my apartment, but eventually got picked up by animal control while she was staying on my patio - she was growly inside the apartment- because I couldn't get her into a shelter), Cujo (a German Shepherd that I found during zoo run - I found his owners 2 blocks from the house that I had just moved into), and of course Gwen (from a running friend) and Dingo (who I had seen while running in my neighborhood) - who now let me live with them.

I sincerely hope that there comes a day when I see no loose dogs on any runs :(

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