Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost famous

I wanted to post this back in November, but, alas, I was still in a relationship with a bad laptop that didn't get along with my wireless router or printer/scanner.  I blamed myself, I blamed the accessories, but secretly knew that it was the laptop.  It was always the laptop, but I hung on out of desperation.  Luckily, the laptop recently off'd itself (as my British friends would say), and my new lovely laptop gets along just great with all accessories thus far. 

So, I present my almost famous moment from the Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon in November 2009.  When you attend the expo before a marathon, they give you a program, which contains the map, course amenities, feature articles, etc., etc.  Usually, it also contains pictures from past marathons.  (Amusingly, at inaugural RNR events, they use stock photos with blurred bibs - which have the name of the city on them - but this was the second year of Rock N Roll San Antonio, so these were RNR SA '08 pics.) 

This year's marathon program looked like this:

I am not on the cover.  These are the fast guys - see the Kenyan and the Ethiopian in there?  I was a little further behind.  But, when you turned to page 21, you saw this:

Page 21 is a fairly standard page, outlining the course amentities.  Until you look a bit closer and,

TA DA!  Yep, that's me in the red 'Brak Pak' short-sleeve shirt, white visor, and gloves - trying to line up a water cup with my piehole.  I really love the "PAIN IN YOUR SIDE?"  header underneath the pic.  To be clear, that was a header for the next section of text, NOT a caption of my pic.

So, that was my brush with fame.  Fleeting but fabulous.

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Weather said...

Nice! I'm so happy that I know the famous Sally Seeker!!