Monday, January 4, 2010

Next ups - the longer-than-HM races for 2010

So, it's 2010, and it's time to plan on some long races for the year.  I was debating running the Endurathon later this month, but probably will run it.  The race is 25k (15.5 miles) of tough hills, but I ran about 9 hilly miles on Sunday and felt okay, so I'm sure it won't kill me.  And it will certainly net some ugly race pics.  And, as I typed this, I realized it is fewer than two weeks away, so I had better just 'man' up and register tomorrow.

Then, there is the Spring half marathon decision.  My running buddies are vacilating - New Orleans on February 28 or Dallas on March 14?  I would prefer running in NoLo, but I have mandatory, you-must-come-unless-you-are-dead training at work beginning on March 1.  However, given the history of the organization for which I work, I suspect that will be cancelled/postponed around February 27 - and I can always fly home just after the race if, perchance, training proceeds as planned (so not likely).  There are also a couple of Fall half marathons/over 13 mile races I always run in the Fall as training runs, including the San Antonio Rock N Roll HM, but I will register for those in time (when I get better discount codes from the race organizer).

Then, and then, there is the marathon that I MUST run each year.  Some of my running buddies are running NY again - but that involves a lottery to procure the opportunity to pay for registration (grr) and the expenses of NYC. I was looking at Las Vegas in December - mostly because I have never traveled to Vegas (I know, I know, Texans - "WHAT, you've never been to Vegas?!"  Um, I've been a lot of other more interesting places instead, and really have never been that interested.).  I am also looking at the smaller (I have never run a marathon with under 6-30k runners) Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee in October.  If I could get my seeeeeeesters and dad to run that with/in front of me, that could be fun.  But, fiscally-conservatively-thinking, I have many trips planned this year, so it may be wiser to piggy back a marathon on the trip to Nantucket in July - like this nighttime, run around the lake repeatedly, marathon in Massachusetts in July.

It's not that I'm not a spontaneous person, but with all the chaos in life - such as off leash pitbulls running free, making me chase them, and police choppers hovering over my neighborhood at times  - I like me some plans sometimes.  Especially if those plans involve training/scheduling for a marathon.  Suggestions? 

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Anonymous said...

So not feeling the 24 hour run around a lake repeatedly! I think Vegas would be fun (for YOU) to do. I don't know about another full. Ask me in mid-June when I'd have to start training. There's a 1/2 in Kenosha that I feel obligated to run. I mean, I can sleep in my own bed, drink coffee at home and cruise in there right before the start. That NEVER happens. That's 5/1. Then there's GB in mid-May. Finish in Lambeau...think about it :)