Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Race Weekend

Yes, they are rare, but this is one.  AND, because I work for a certain employer, we are without a budget, under a continuing resolution, and are not allowed overtime for now.  So, what is a Sally to do?

Well, after a nice party with friends last night at Pizza Italia, I dragged my butt out of bed and hit the new riverwalk for a short run this morning.  I LOVE this section of the riverwalk (thank you Mayor Phil for building it for me to run on) - though it is concrete and tough on the legs, it has marked the last 5 miles to the park on my long runs all Summer.  So, entering the upper riverwalk is simply happiness for me!  And today, I saw many fellow SA runners and fluffy doggies along the run, which always makes me happy.  Afterward (where I parked the car) I shopped at the Pearl Brewery farmers' market and their holiday craft fair.

Tomorrow, I am trying to get out of bed early for the 7-8 mile run at Fleet Feet (please, no hills).  Then, I am going to attend visitation for Judge Andy Mireles.  He was a nice man and a fair and strict judge, which was good for me when I appeared before him, since I was generally overprepared, nervous, and trying to do the right thing.  He will be missed.

Sunday evening is the Stray Dog Xmas.  We (mostly runners) meet downtown, enjoy 'cheer' as we exchange the cheapest, most creative mass gifts that we can develop, then head down to the riverwalk for dinner, and sing caroles at the Alamo.

Thanks to the San Antonio Bar Association for Judge Andy Mireles's pic.

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