Sunday, December 6, 2009

BRRRRRR-race report

Well, there was a chance of snowflakes, so the City Manager's 5k was cancelled/postponed this morning.  Being from "The North," I scoffed at such postponement.  However, having lived down here for years, and waking up to ACTUAL FROST which REMAINED on the lawn and CRIPPLED my basil, this was indeed a good idea.  So, instead, I ended up heading into work this morning to work some overtime - and it was quite frosty.  It was the first time I realized that I no longer carry approximately 3 ice-scrapers in my car.  In fact, I now have none and used a piece of cardboard to scrape the windows.

After work, I chowed some food and took a nap (yes, excitement, I know).  Then, I set out for the Jingle Bell 5k Run for Arthritis at the University of the Incarnate Word.  I often run through that campus, but it is especially nice during the holidays, when they put twinkly lights in all of their trees.  The run was nice, but frosty, as the temperatures remained in the 40 degree range.  (Stop laughing you Northerners - I CANNOT deal with those temperatures any more.)  This intolerance (and newfound naivet√©) for cold weather was probably best evidenced by my failure to dig out a pair of tights in which to run.  Ah well, at least I only have to run in "The Cold" for another month or so.

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