Monday, September 5, 2011

Whining and wining, but not winning

Wow, this weekend took it out of me.  I started off with a little 20 miler, which ended up being a 21 miler (my mapping skills kind of stink), with my buddy, Laura.  It was tough - heat and humidity were high, and I sweated off about 6 pounds.  But, we tackled the penultimate long run before the Chicago marathon! 

On Sunday, I 'installed' my edging in preparation for my big truck load o' rocks that arrives next weekend.  And, I attempted to rehydrate.  Luckily, a 'cold' front came in - knocking the temperatures back into the double digits and the humidity down to a manageable level.

So, this morning's 5 mile Whine Run was a breeze.  Except for my beat up feet, the hills, and the headwinds.  But, the reward was wine at the Dry Comal Creek (and it is DRY this year) winery.  Most excellent.

Here I am starting off - nice and slow
Along the run -
and my finish (I actually ran the last mile fastest - but it was downhill, with a tailwind)
still sweaty at the finish
and Brak Pak, representing (I must have been in the sangria line, but my podcar made the shot)
Thanks to Tom Lake - San Antonio Roadrunners and Scottydog for the pics

And, now, step down week - except for pushing those rocks around


Weather said...

I would take whining over a glass of wine over winning any day :)

Sally said...

Ha love it!