Monday, September 26, 2011

SNIPSA race for the rescues 5k

It's two weeks until the marathon - and I get VERY paranoid about sustaining a small, dumb injury after months of training.  But, when Gwen and I walked/swam this 5k for a GREAT cause last year, I promised Dingo that 2011 would be her year.  (The race benefits to help out the SA strays.) 

So, Saturday morning, we got ready for the race - as Gwen pitifully whimpered and begged.  I almost relented and brought them both, but with the 1000s of runners and many, many dogs, the pups like to head in different directions and take me down (to the ground, like Matthews on Cutler!).  Again, two weeks before the marathon.  So, I promised Gwen a solo postrace walk, and Dingo & I headed out.

Dingo did pretty well -  but she took off too fast and pretty much pooped out for the last 1/2-3/4 mile.  This course is no joke - BIG HILLS

So, we trotted it and had a nice little run.  Afterward, Dingo got a pat on the head from Sean Elliott (retired Spurs player), and we took some snazzy pictures.

Gwen and I strolling by in the background right after meeting Sean Elliott (foreground)
 Hangin' with Brak Pak buddies
Our photo shoot (I love Dingo's smile)

After we returned home, I took Gwen out for her promised walk - and when we came in the house, Dingo was FAST asleep.

Thanks to Benton Photography, Jenna, IAAP, and Scottydog for the pics!

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