Monday, August 29, 2011

Some like it hot

And apparently, I do.  This Sunday was the 2nd hottest day EVER in San Antonio - 110 degrees (not heat index).  So, I decided to start the day with a little 'TNT Lousy T-shirt 5k' fundraiser run - it was about 85 degrees at race start at 8:00. This was a 'no frills' race - with no shirts (unless purchased separately), no bibs, no timing chips, no clock, no mile markers, no water stops, no finisher medals, no prizes (they decided to add the last three for fun, but there were no age group awards - just overall awards.

I planned to just run this at an easy 10:00 pace to get 3 more miles in for the week.  But, as I started off, I felt good and, somehow around mile 1, I realized I was the lead female (obviously, the pros weren't running)!!!  I did stop for water and got passed by a faster gal (I briefly thought about trying to catch her, but decided to back my pace off - it's going to be a hard training week). 
 looking fairly chickenish coming into the aid station
 chicken side view
sipping like a chicken
off, trying to chase down the fast chick (not chick-en)
 and in - frame by frame

 a final chicken finish line pose
 and, holy crud - that was the best I've run a 5k in the past couple of years.  Not a PR, but good enough for 2nd overall female.  really.
and I got a lousy finisher medal, which I LOVE.  It's in the style of the Fiesta medals everyone trades/collects here during Fiesta.
 with my race bling (soaking wet with sweat) -- with race director, Grace
 overall women
 postrace - with bling and beer
 and the bling.  love my bling.

And then, after a continuing battle with my smoke detectors, I headed out Monday evening in the 100+ degree heat to run the 2-mile time trial with the muertitos (at a bit slower pace - like I said, it's going to be a tough training week, and I need to pace myself)

 the muertitos group.  And, now, I get set to plot the demise of a chirping smoke detector and run a bunch of miles this week.

Thanks to Lisa Ramos, Ceci, and Scottydog for the pics

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Upload your most embarrassing to our race photos page and enjoy all other other folks laughing at themselves :).

You rock!