Monday, September 26, 2011

Muertitos - final time trial

Well, after Saturday's 5k with Dingo and almost 12 miles on Sunday, my legs were really sore today.  Even more sore than after 21 milers.  I think it was from trying to counterbalance Dingo's pulling for the first 2.5 miles. 

But, I headed out to run the Muertitos 2 mile time trial (pretty slowly) -- here we are heading out.  Check out la muertita (#8) totally hamming it up and stealing my ugly race pic shot. 

So I told her that, just because she looks cuter than me in her running skirt, she needed to get the heck out of my way before I got really ugly (not really - and I got really ugly just 'cause).
and the finish - not sure what I'm looking at?

and los muertitos
Thanks to Ceci for the pics (and the finish line oranges)!

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