Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tough no race weekend

Whew, it was a tough weekend.  But, I started out the weekend 'carb loading' on no-nutritional-value nachos and beer at the Missions game Friday night.  Sadly, it was a no-hitter against us...

But the Ballapeno and the Puffy Taco were amusing

A kid always gets to chase the puffy taco around the bases and tackle him after 3rd base.  Sadistic, but funny. 

Saturday morning was me and 15 miles.  Luckily, Hurricane Don 'roared' in and misted on me for the first hour or so.  Afterward, I chowed, showered, and slept.  Sunday morning was almost 7 miles in the heat and humidity at Fleet Feet.  Surprisingly, my legs felt pretty good, but my feet were tired of being smacked against asphalt.  Afterward, I chowed, showered, and slept.  And, when I awoke, I was still tired and hungry. 

Luckily, this week is a step-down training week, and I need it - especially since tomorrow's supposed to be around 103 degrees.  And I need to catch up on housework - the tumblefurs out-number me, and I fear they may revolt.

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