Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is the time that I get tired again

and I claim that I'm not, maybe, possibly going to direct the women's run next year, I'm never training for another marathon, my sisters won't have any more babies, I didn't get diagnosed with something that makes me tired, and I lie lie lie - because that all is true.

First off - my sister had another wonderful baby - and a new member of my Packers offensive line, her fifth son, Thomas Seeker Verhaalen.  If he proves as tough in the future as he did coming into this world, he's all-star (and he is, anyway!).

So, to run it down:  I'm directing the women's run next year (with heavy help -thanks Sally#1); I'll probably run another marathon; my nephew, Thomas Seeker Verhaalen, was born the Saturday of the women's run and is now doing well; HIPPA prevents me from disclosing the other stuff; and yes, I lie and I lay, on the couch, very tired.

It's been a tough week or sotwothree.  And, so, I engage my yoga breath and focus on the present, mostly.  Last Saturday, I ran a delightful running tour of the Jefferson and Monticello neighborhoods.  Afterward, we watched a car careen into a tree and take off. 

But, here's the running/walking tour group after the very interesting tour
and here's the front end the guy left
On Sunday, I needed to 'add on' 5 miles prior to the Fleet Feet group run of 9 miles.  So, when I arrived at 5 a.m., I was surprised by my buddy, Jim (not in a creepy way), and we pre-ran 5 miles before the 6 a.m. start time - tough for me (I was running 10k pace) and tough for Jim (he was running turtle pace). Then, we sucked down water, took a deep breath, and ran the next 9 miles (he faster than me). 

I experienced awful leg cramps for the last mile - in equal parts, perhaps, due to HOT HUMID temps, long run, improper prepartion on my part, and the new medical crap.  In any event, I made it, but had to wait and wait for the cramps to calm before I could drive home.  (And, after, that, when Simba was settling down for her much-loved atop-Sally's-hip-post-run nap on the couch, my legs kept cramping, disturbing her sleep, and she gave up on my nap -- then I did the same).

So, today I tried to hydrate heavily, wear sexy compression socks all day, and make it to the Muertitos time trial - to run it easy.  It was over 100 degrees, but I managed NOT to cramp, but take some crazy run pics.

Next week is worse - schedule-wise (overtime), weather-wise (all triple-temps), and distance-wise (40 miles or so).  But, no more new nephews forecasted, Tommy is doing well, and I'll get to meet him in October.  So, it will all be good.

  Thanks to Ceci, the Verhaalens, & SA Office of Historic Preservation for the pics.

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