Monday, August 15, 2011

Worn out Weekend

I had a 17-miler on the schedule this weekend, and a 15k race scheduled.  So, I decided to break it up and run 8 miles along the Riverwalk with buddies Saturday morning.  Then, I ate, showered, ate, slept, ate, hydrated, slept, hydrated, slept, ate, hydrated, and got ready for the race.  This was the second in the Alamo Beer Series - an evening 15k (it was long, so it was closer to a 10-miler).  Here I am hydrating some more

and at the start
and then, like Jaws, here I come...dun nuhn, dun nuhn...
dun nuhn, dun nuhn, dun nuhn
(note - she's only happy because she's running the 8k) dun nuhn nuhn nuhn nuhn....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and then I finished in the dark.  ate, hydrated (on beer), showered, and slept.

Sunday, I headed over to a buddy's house to help her sand and stain her cabinets.  (Next month, I think we'll xeroscape my front yard.)

And, tonight, I hit the Muertitos group for an easy 4 miler...
and now - eat, hydrate, shower, sleep, repeat. 

Thanks to Ceci, IAAP, KGS bikes, and Scallywompus for the pics!

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