Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thanks where thanks is due

I started this blog of ugly race pics while training for a marathon and running many races.  I would email my ugly race pics to my family every weekend, clogging their inboxes but, I hope, amusing them with my crazy chicken and zombie running style - captured by the lenses of many photographers. 

And, today - I continue to pester the interwebs with my ugly race pics.  Now, I am the creative genius who runs willy nilly around at various races, looking a little nutso.  However, the other part of that 'creative vision' consists of the artists behind the camera - capturing all of those ugly race pics for ever and ever (and ever and ever).  It takes a village, folks!

I always credit the photographers, even as I shamelessly swipe their ugly race pics of me (yep, I know, I'm going straight to heck).  But, I wanted to especially thank my buddy and super fotog, Ceci - who not only has snapped a boatload of ugly race pics of me, but also found some way to make me look not-like-a-chicken at times.

Here are some of my Ceci-snapped faves here lately....

Gracias, Ceci

 - even though you are thwarting the purpose of my ugly race pic blog!  At least I have my village of photographers lurking around the point in the race I stop to blow my nose to freeze that moment forever.
check out some of her non-running work at http://www.ceciliainiguez.com/

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