Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Run/bike, drink beer, eat seafood, sleep, repeat

Yep, that was pretty much the theme of my semi-non-productive weekend.  And, while I only managed to work on the front yard, and my house is a bit of a mess, I think there's nothing wrong with that. For now at least - it caused a pain in my pocketbook and knee, but it was highly satisfying.

First off, there was the Police Officers' Memorial 5k on Saturday, followed by eating the weight of my head in ceviche.   Sunday morning, I woke up, biked my errands - including hitting the Stadium to flyer cars for upcoming races, the Post Office, Red Box, and HEB before chowing some fish kabobs and trying to straighten up the front yard.  Then, I hit my buddies' house for some libations and seafood with friends.

Then, there was vacation Monday.  Which meant getting up early for the Terrell Hills City Manager's 5k.  This was a free, casual, fun run - which meant no awards/official timing/frills, but did include a t-shirt and fun group of over 80 folks going for a run.  I had announced my intent to take it easy, so my friend, Scotty dog, offered to keep me honest - and I ran with him on his 8 min run/2 min walk schedule.  (However, he is more speedy then he lets on, and his 8 minute run pace is not my 'easy trot.'  Furthermore, his watch, by which run/walk intervals are timed, is EVIL and never beeps to walk on uphills - it only beeps when we crest a hill and coast down - now walking!)  But, we had some great fun taking pics of the runners and lovely houses along the route:

Pre-race - wondering if, due to the absence of port-a-potties, we could ring the bell at these houses and ask to use the loo?

Okay, we really didn't do that - nor did we pee in their bushes.  This was a respectable group of runners and these were the beautiful houses along the route. Speaking of along the route - here are some pics...
 Scotty dog taking pics on the first walk break
 and taking off, because his watch probably figured there were uphills ahead....
 I like this 'city' within the San Antonio limits and do much of my marathon training here - the "Terrible" hills of Terrell Hills are awful, but the streets are nice and wide, and the drivers are generally not as insane as those in Alamo Heights and Olmos Park.

At the finish, each of us got a 'called out' time from the timing guy and a heartfelt handshake and thanks from the Terrell Hills Police Chief for coming out to run. 

(pic from Scotty with Laura, Scotty, and me).  Post-race refreshments included neither seafood nor beer (bananas and water), so I headed home and broiled myself some fish kabobs and took a nap. 

Then, after ignoring household chores, I headed out to run a 2-mile time trial with the Muertitos in Leon Valley (yep, another city that is surrounded by San Antonio).  [Side note to you San Antonio folks - those of us not from here think that's weird to have pocket cities within the city.]

Anyway, my legs (and especially knee) were feeling rough, but it was fun to run a casual 2-mile race.  By casual, Ceci - the 'organizer' and my other photographer - issued bibs, used computer timing to post results, and fotog'ed.  Yep, they didn't have all that in the morning!  Anyway, here are the 2nd race of the day pics:

and then, I went home, broiled some scallops and ate them with a lovely Shiner Red Robin summer brew.  And SLEPT.  (after I showered, of course)

I'd like to thank the Scotty dog, myself, and Ceci for the pics.

You can check out Scotty's full report at http://www.runnersworld.com/community/forums/runner-communities/beginners/report-photos-terrell-hills-5k-fun-run-walk/.0
 You can check out Ceci's Dia de los Muertos Run & Training Group at http://www.diadelosmuertosrun.com/
And you can find me going to bed early all week because I'm beat.  And this next weekend will be even crazier.

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