Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lavender Women's 10k

Well, going out last night for the First Friday cruiser ride and hangin' at Sanchez Ice House was probably NOT the proper way to prepare for a hot, hilly 10k.  But it was good prep for some ugly race pics.  This morning, I headed an hour north to Johnson City to the Miller Creek Lavender Farm for this run.

It was a lovely location.  But, then, there was the run - and it was HOT. 
 fairly chicken-ish at the start

and - EXHALE - at the end.  I won't lie - I walked up a hill or two.
 but I enjoyed my just rewards - mimosas and cerveza. 
I especially love this pic with Sherry - I wear a long shirt to 'mask' my extremely short torso (seriously, my rib cage sits on my hip bones) - it didn't quite work here, where, due to my super sweat in the super hot, you can see my belly button, fat rolls, and lack of torso space quite plainly.  excellent.

Thanks to Ceci from for the pics - she always does such an awesome job, even when she has to wake up even earlier than me!

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