Sunday, May 1, 2011

really, just donate a buck

You can spare a buck, right? 
I am running the Chicago marathon on October 9, 2011. While I registered fair and square, and I do not need to fundraise, I am choosing to raise funds for the Bexar County Girls on the Run Chapter. This 'club' trains with middle school girls to run a 5k , educate them on exercise/nutrition, and raise their self esteem. We can't all win the race, but it's important for girls, especially in Bexar County, to understand the value of health and to understand that we all cross the same finish line, and it's just as sweet.

Here is more info on the organization -

and here's where I ask you for money. My goal is $262 (the marathon is 26.2 miles, see how that works?). I'm hoping that I have 262 friends/family members/strangers who know my friends who will each donate $1 at the site below. The money goes directly to (tax-deductible) Girls on the Run in Bexar County - subsidizing a girl in the program for training, mentorship, and, ultimately, crossing the finish line of a 5k.

Thanks for your support - (and trying to make your friends donate, since I'm trying to find 262 friends!).  Just a buck - that's all I'm asking.

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