Sunday, May 29, 2011

Police Officers' Memorial 5k

On Saturday, I ran the humid Police Officers' Memorial 5k in Brackenridge Park.  This was a poignant run, since a Bexar County Deputy was gunned down the night before.  After the run, there were plenty of ice cold beverages.
Here I am, enjoying one with Scotty Dog (thanks for the pics, Scott!)

And chillin' with the Brak Pak crew

and here, for the record, I am NOT getting arrested by the cop...

After the run, I headed to Groomer's Seafood (my new most favorite place) and bought some post-race ceviche (which I immmediately chowed), scallops, and fish kabobs. 

This morning, I decided to bike all my errands - and then I'm heading out to a buddy's place for more seafood.  Tomorrow morning is the Terrell Hills City Manager's 5k, which I'm running easy with my buddy and photographer, Scotty.  Tomorrow night is the Muertitos 2 mile time trial.  And then, it's back to work.


Anonymous said...

the 5k run in terrell hills. what time does it start and where is it meeting? also how much does it cost. I cant not find any information online.

Sally said...

sign up 7-7:45 @ Geneseo & Eldon Rd. Start 8 a.m. It's a free event by the city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was looking for info, but not listed on the T Hills site.