Monday, April 25, 2011

Providence 5k

It was a hot and humid morning... (Wow, I feel like Snoopy, starting 3/4 of all my race reports like that, but it was - and will be until about December.)  I headed to Providence High School for a point-to-point 5k to the Pearl Brewery on Saturday.  It was along the River walk, and much of it was the route I'd run the afternoon before with Heather, the not-a-serial-killer stranger buddy.  It was also a narrow, windy course, so that's my excuse for slow running.  And that hot and humid thing.  And just being lazy.

Anyway, the race ended at the Pearl Brewery for the Saturday morning farmers' market, which always makes me happy.  I ran into many other friends (and their dogs) there and, when I was buying hummus at Humble House Foods (they also make cheeses, tapenade, and pesto in my zip code), Marsha (the co-owner) said, "gosh, I haven't seen you in awhile."  I've had races the past couple of weeks and, last week, was only buying food for book club (small fridge/no storage).  Anyway, it made me laugh - especially since many of the other farmers routinely ask me how training is going and which race is next.  And that makes me even happier.  So - I'm enjoying a week's worth of fresh beets, arugula, spinach, onions, mushrooms, eggs, hummus, lavendar dog soap, strawberries, and blackberries.  All from less than 150 miles of mi casa.  So, that heat and humidity actually pays off and leads to my happiness.  Right?

I did not have any of my 'personal photographers' in attendance at the race, so I have no ugly race pics to post.  However, as we were leaving the market, a San Antonio Express-News fotog snapped our sweaty pic - so I may be in the newspaper coming up soon.  Dang paparazzi, I just can't shake 'em - especially at the Farmers' Market!

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